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Why pests love our bathrooms?

Pests, bugs, flies, insects, you name it they all make it to the bathroom, in search of damp, warmth, moist atmosphere and food in the form of dead skin, hair, actually name it, whatever falls off of your body is fair game to these pests. And pests pose a very serious threat, they are a health risk and hazard waiting to happen. Especially with children old folks, babies and people with immune systems that are weaker than normal due to various issues with their own health. Once people get low for all manner of reasons they are susceptible to disease, germs and bacteria carried by these pests and marched into our bathrooms.

These pest come in the form of;

  1. Ants
  2. Cockroaches
  3. Silverfish
  4. Spiders
  5. Flies of various varieties
  6. Rats
  7. Mice

Once they get into a bathroom, which is easy enough and they find food, they signal to their colony or group that this is a good place for food and you get infestation. You have to take quick action to eliminate them and that is either to get the relevant product as beating them with a stick doesn’t work any more or call a professional in to treat the issue, which is normally a better idea as they will get it done, where your home grown method is fraught with issues.

Eliminating Pests From Your Bathroom

To lower the chances of a pest invasion, always keep your bathroom clean, as there will then be nothing for them to consume. Clean properly with hot water and a soap product of some sort and clean everywhere. But even with you cleaning, pests still get in, and if this is the case, it is advisable as mentioned above to get in a professional pest controller. There are many around, one we found to be good while in California on vacation was the super pest control company. They were very quick to turn up and deal with the problem.

But it obviously depends on were you are  in the world.

Take care out there and don’t let the bed bugs bite. 🙂


Bathroom videos

plumbing v2

Here we have some videos of beautiful bathrooms. Please take your time to have a look and appreciate the beauty of these bathrooms, there is so much work gone into them. We think they are fantastic.

And not beyond everybody’s price range.

Bathroom plumbing issues


bathroom plumbing issues

Are the taps on your bath loose and you don’t know how to cope with such situation?

 You are at the right place to get the guides on putting an end to the slow drip from your tap.

There are various ways you can fix your loosened taps. The first thing you must do when it comes to fixing your leaking taps is to ensure the tap fixing is properly fixed by screwing tightly the nuts from lower part of the bath.

You must not fix your bath in unprofessional manner and you must ascertain that the plumber you call upon to fix your tab gives it in a professional touch; he must never resort to the use of super glue in fixing the tap to the bath.

If super glue is used on your tap, though it will work but it becomes relatively impossible to change old taps some other time.

Do you have it difficult fitting your bath? I will give you the best guides on how best you can fit your bath to save you the cost of repairs coming too soon. Here are the guidelines.

  • Fit your taps in a spacious place where repairs or replacement will be handy.
  • Ensure the bath has a full support surrounding it, and no space for excesses whenever the bath is filled with water.
  • Replacing parts of your bath can seem overwhelming, as it’s important to pick the right ones and to connect them correctly. Make sure you adequately seal floor of the bath in other to make sure the bath is water proof between the tiles and bath.
  • Be sure the screws are tightly fitted to avoid you using a shaky bath and please follow all bath instructions.

Wondering how you can apply silicone to your bath, or the best kind of silicone to use and also the know-how on what to do when you are using silicone.

For you to make good choice when it comes to solving bath problems that is silicone related, the best silicone for fitting is to use the full-water proof silicone.

When you are set to apply silicone round your bath I can boldly tell you, it won’t take your sweat because all you need to know is in the article ‘The Best Silicone to buy.’

Have you been wondering if you can fix your bath yourself or you just have to call upon your plumber each time your tap leaks?

It is always more effective to have a professional plumber fix your leaking taps, besides the fact that he will fix it professionally  with great number of tools which will make your taps last longer, it also saves you  the stress of repairing your tap every now . Fixing taps may appear daunting when it comes to replacing the tap heads, but all these will be.

On the other hand you might want a DIY plumber to fix your tap for you. Replacing the taps are little hard but in a situation of emergency you can call on DIY plumber to fix your tap, but a professional touch on your tap makes a whole difference.

Wondering if you always need to replace a loose tap?

You can easily replace your loose tap with another shallow tap if your tap threads are not correctly fixed.

I want to get my bath tap fixed. Can I do this without bringing my bath out?

The only way to get your bathe fixed if the height hinders the fitting is to make good use of wood cutter, this may seem hard to do , but if you keep up the work you will get the job done.

What do I do when my bath tap tightens and makes my washer shaky?

This is a very common problem with bath taps and this kind of problem occurs when the holes on the bath are too large, it’s not always easy to fit this kind of problem.

The problem of too large holes is common with bath taps and this is due to the cheap rate at which they are being sold and the amount they are been sold gives little or no room for improvement.

I want to avoid getting my plug blocked, how do I get this done?

You really don’t need much to achieve this all you have to do is to get a plug filter.

Is pop up waste in a tub a good stuff to have?

Fitting a press pop up waste to your bath isn’t a bad idea as a matter of fact it’s a reasonable thing to do.

You only need to make sure the pop up is authentic and ensure it’s appropriately fixed. There are some manual pop up waste that are common but remember the most important thing to do while getting your pop up waste fitted is to make sure it’s of good quality and appropriately fixed.

Can I replace single taps with a mixer shower tap?

If you want to get your single taps replaced with a mixer tap with a shower hose affixed to it, you can do ds as long as the holes has been cut to BS standard. Once these are in place nothing stops you from replacing a single taps with mixer shower tap.

No smooth Drainage in my bath, Why this?

If your bath has poor drainage, there are 3 ways of looking at the situation.

  • If the water is not draining properly from your bath, it may be because there is a blockage and it will require pressure to drain.
  • In a situation where there is smooth drainage but the water cant drain due to gravity slop issue, this occur as a result of levelness of the bath or it may be due to bad mould.
  • For you to know if your bath has a bad mould, you need to use a level on bath rim.

How do I stop my bath panel from coming off?

Many bath panels out there are not of quality and inadequate information on the best quality bath panel to use pose a little confusion on getting quality product.

The best thing you can do to stop your bath panel from coming off is to call for the service of a professional plumber to fix your panel for proper usage.

How do I fix my bath to the wall securely to avoid it falling off?

This type of issue occurs when the bath is not properly fitted to the wall with the use of bath brackets.

To get rid of this issue with your bath, you will have to get bath brackets with L shape to enable you screw the brackets to your bath and the wall. You may alternatively make use of wood to secure your bath.

Can I replace my bath without breaking the tiles?

You can but it depends on some factors. If your bath has no rim support and the brackets are easy to cut away, you can simply cut away the stands under the bath.

If your bath is tightly silicone to the wall, there’s no way you will be able to take the bath out unless you remove the row of tiles off the wall.

How can I replace my mixer tap that is located at the back of my bath without taking out the bath?

You must avoid fixing your taps at a location where it won’t be possible to get to it whenever the need arise for repairs and replacements of faulty bad taps.

Or get a trusty plumber.

You may be lucky if your bath is located where there will be an adjoining room from behind the bath. Always put at the back of your mind to fix your bath taps in areas you will be able to get to them easily.

Have you ever being awed at the thought of invention of toilets and also the invention of light bulbs or airplanes, although they don’t carry the same sense of bewilderment. The invention of toilets as so minute and not so talk of it might seem, toilets have in a way transformed the world we live in.