Why pests love our bathrooms?

Pests, bugs, flies, insects, you name it they all make it to the bathroom, in search of damp, warmth, moist atmosphere and food in the form of dead skin, hair, actually name it, whatever falls off of your body is fair game to these pests. And pests pose a very serious threat, they are a health risk and hazard waiting to happen. Especially with children old folks, babies and people with immune systems that are weaker than normal due to various issues with their own health. Once people get low for all manner of reasons they are susceptible to disease, germs and bacteria carried by these pests and marched into our bathrooms.

These pest come in the form of;

  1. Ants
  2. Cockroaches
  3. Silverfish
  4. Spiders
  5. Flies of various varieties
  6. Rats
  7. Mice

Once they get into a bathroom, which is easy enough and they find food, they signal to their colony or group that this is a good place for food and you get infestation. You have to take quick action to eliminate them and that is either to get the relevant product as beating them with a stick doesn’t work any more or call a professional in to treat the issue, which is normally a better idea as they will get it done, where your home grown method is fraught with issues.

Eliminating Pests From Your Bathroom

To lower the chances of a pest invasion, always keep your bathroom clean, as there will then be nothing for them to consume. Clean properly with hot water and a soap product of some sort and clean everywhere. But even with you cleaning, pests still get in, and if this is the case, it is advisable as mentioned above to get in a professional pest controller. There are many around, one we found to be good while in California on vacation was the super pest control company. They were very quick to turn up and deal with the problem.

But it obviously depends on were you are  in the world.

Take care out there and don’t let the bed bugs bite. 🙂


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