Fixing a broken window yourself

I have tried to do this in years gone by using putty, glass from a glazier and a glass cutter with pins and little success. It does look an easy thing to do but clearly from my own experience, it isn’t and it is easy to break lots of panes of glass or not cut them correctly because it seems more of an art form then a science. In the olden days when a pane of glass in a window in your house or garage or whatever you are in, it seemed quite a simple job to replace the glass. And having read about it in the famous big red readers digest book, it seems quite simple.

 Just take the glass that is broken out of the window frame, clean out all of the old putty, go and buy the correct size glass, go and buy new putty either find or buy some pins to keep the glass in the frame and then you have all the necessary items you need to fix that pane of glass.

 As I mentioned before I have tried this several times with windows that are broken by my son playing football or myself playing football and in years gone by as I mentioned what one did was to go and fix the glass yourself. I don’t see a lot of glass fixing by D I Y people these days I think it is more difficult because most windows are double glazed and made especially for the window frame.

 Therefore I believe if you have a single pane of glass that is single glazing, you probably could have a go yourself and fix it because I believe you can still purchase all of the items mentioned above the putty, pins and glass and have a go yourself. I would recommend getting somebody in if you can to help you because it is not easy and it often looks a mess because the putty is not easy to keep flat and neat and in my case always looked a mess :-).

That may not be the most useful piece of information to help you with broken windows, I hope it was of some use I think the moral of the story is, if you have the skills please try and do it yourself if not call somebody in who is a professional if you want a professional job, I call in Westminster Glass 24/7 my local glazier.

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