My contact details are, please contact me, I would love to converse with you about plumbing and it’s potential beauty as I was lyrically about on my about page.

Actually there are a few of us who will happily respond to your email and help you out. There is so much that can be done these days with design as well as straightforward plumbing. Beauty is really within your grasp, just be bold and talk to a decent plumber who can help you. Just make sure they are a decent plumber or it could go badly wrong.

Or go to a bathroom design shop, and get some ideas, there are a lot of smart, artistic people out there who have spectacular ideas, most people would not have. So go out and have a good look round, you will be amazed as there are so many great idea, great new products and colours, materials, textures.

Good luck, we will give you some help choosing one on another page.

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